The text on the page is hard to read.
How do I change the text size and font type?

Click the "+" and "-" buttons next to "Text Size" on the toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl ↑ (⌘ ↑ for Mac) to increase the text size and Ctrl ↓ (⌘ ↓ for Mac) to decrease the text size.

change text size

Click on the "Font Type" selection list under "Text Size" and select the desired font type from the dropdown list.

change font type

Generally speaking, sans-serif fonts like Helvetica and Verdana look better on screen, while serif fonts like Times New Roman and Georgia look better on paper.


The page has a really awful background.
How do I get rid of the background?

Switch "Background" radiobutton to "hide" position.

remove background


I want to save ink and not print all the images on the page. How do I remove all the images?

Switch "Images" radiobutton to "hide" position.

remove images